Resources for the Emergency Planner

Provided here are resources to help you facilitate a community-based meeting(s) and to launch your own “B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Easier in Power Outage Emergencies” campaign. Before reviewing the resources below, it may be helpful to check out the resources listed for “Individuals” and “HMECs.” Please feel free to modify any of the documents listed here so that they reference your jurisdiction and any jurisdictional agencies. Before reviewing the resources below, however, it may be helpful to check out “Two Options for Implementing the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. campaign,” located at the bottom on the Emergency Planners page.

Notations: 1) Some of the resources provided below can be edited and personalized to your own specific jurisdiction, other documents can be either be printed for your reference or copied and pasted into a Word document so you can make changes, if needed. With a few of the documents, you can type information into the document directly and then either print the document or save it, e.g., BREATHE worksheet, the certificate of appreciation, letter of support, etc. 2) When implementing in the Franklin-Williamson jurisdiction, Franklin-Williamson used a portion of their leftover PHEP grant funds to purchase dry-erase, wipe-able magnets (8.5 x 11) which features the BREATHE Planning Worksheet. There may be references made in these documents about “magnets.” In these cases, this is referring to the BREATHE worksheet.

Utilizing these Resources?

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